1. AERIUS@AERIUSapp25 nov
    Arrived at sunny Bargerveen, morning presentations #NitrogenTour of Staatsbosbeheer and RIVM
  2. AERIUS@AERIUSapp24 nov
    Evening Program #NitrogenTour, presentation Rijkswaterstaat PAS hands on. Unfortunately no contribution from BIJ12
  3. AERIUS@AERIUSapp24 nov
    Hands on workshop with #AERIUS at the Dutch #nitrogentour!
  4. AERIUS@AERIUSapp24 nov
    Farmer Rudie Freriks shows us around in the stables #nitrogentour
  5. AERIUS@AERIUSapp24 nov
    Arrived at dairy farm De Achtermate. Cathy van Dijk presents the project @ProeftuinN2000 on ammonia measures
  6. AERIUS@AERIUSapp24 nov
    Especially for the Dutch #NitrogenTour one of the herds of sheep came by, despite the weather.
  7. AERIUS@AERIUSapp24 nov
    Is the economic development room created with the Integrated Approach to Nitrogen used? It sure is. #NitrogenTour
  8. AERIUS@AERIUSapp24 nov
    Explanation of Roland Bobbink on nature in Dwingelerveld #NitrogenTour extensive, interessant as well as funny
  9. AERIUS@AERIUSapp24 nov
    International interest for AERIUS during the #NitrogenTour in Drenthe in collaboration with @ECNC_org
  10. AERIUS@AERIUSapp24 nov
    RT @ECNC_org: Dutch Min of Economic Affairs opens 2-day #NitrogenTour showcasing innovative approaches reducing nitrogen emissions https://…