1. AERIUS@AERIUSapp8 Dec
    Writing the "Melbourne declaration" before closing remarks of the 7th INI conference #nitrogen16
  2. AERIUS@AERIUSapp8 Dec
    @janinecooijmans @windsurfer55 cumulatieve afweging van alle projecten zit in beschikbaarstelling van ontwikkelingsruimte. Geen salami dus
  3. AERIUS@AERIUSapp8 Dec
    RT @N_Footprint: Nitrogen is a policy solution, not a problem. Mark Sutton lays out a pathway to bring science into the policy realm. #Nitr
  4. AERIUS@AERIUSapp8 Dec
    Great graph from Simon Upton of which climate change driver should be part of policy discussions, and why it's not…
  5. AERIUS@AERIUSapp7 Dec
    Professor Oene Oenema (WUR) Keynote speech about animal production and nitrogen. Example to keep the audiences atte…
  6. AERIUS@AERIUSapp7 Dec
    Just presented the PAS and AERIUS to the world at INI2016 on behalf of #RIVM Did not know it was possible in 14 min…
  7. AERIUS@AERIUSapp7 Dec
    Colleague Roy Wichink Kruit is presenting on effectiveness of two decades of policy measures on reducing ammonia…
  8. AERIUS@AERIUSapp6 Dec
    Vernieuwde website #AERIUS live. Nu ook met overzicht aanvragen en meldingen AERIUS Register per week. Kijk op…
  9. AERIUS@AERIUSapp6 Dec
    Certainly not the best for our N-footprint, but we have a nice BBQ lunch on Ellinbank research farm #nitrogen16
  10. AERIUS@AERIUSapp5 Dec
    AERIUS accepted as nominee for Sharing and Reuse awards by European Commission. #RIVM #nitrogen16 more details: