1. AERIUS@AERIUSapp24 Apr
    RT @EU_ISA2: Did you miss the Sharing & Reuse Awards Ceremony in Lisbon? Watch the all video here! #SRCONF17 #SRa
  2. AERIUS@AERIUSapp13 Apr
    11 mei #AERIUS gebruikersdag! Mis het niet en meld je nu aan: Kijk voor het programma op
  3. AERIUS@AERIUSapp5 Apr
    Let op: #AERIUS niet bereikbaar op donderdag 6 april tussen 18.00 en 22.00 uur ivm regulier serveronderhoud iedere…
  4. AERIUS@AERIUSapp29 Mar
    RT @EU_ISA2: Tomorrow will be different from today concerning #Interoperabilty in #EU because #SRCONF17 existed, @mariocampolargo https://t…
  5. AERIUS@AERIUSapp29 Mar
    RT @EU_ISA2: The #SRCONF17 is the 1st step for the sharing and Reuse of #ITsolutions by default in public administrations, @mariocampolargo
  6. AERIUS@AERIUSapp29 Mar
    RT @EU_ISA2: The 17 #ITsolutions shortlisted 4 #SRAwards are the best example of the importance of sharing and Reuse of #ITsolutions, @niko
  7. AERIUS@AERIUSapp29 Mar
    RT @EU_ISA2: Communication is key 4 existing #ITsolutions 2 be shared & reused!u need 2 know what exists 2 reuse it, Robin Smith: https://t…
  8. AERIUS@AERIUSapp29 Mar
    RT @EU_ISA2: Presentations of #SRawards nominees are over, results will be announced at 5pm, Lisbon time Watch it here
  9. AERIUS@AERIUSapp29 Mar
    How uniquely can you be as an Open Source Solution? Never seen so many hexagons been used in presentations and logo’s at #SRCONF17
  10. AERIUS@AERIUSapp29 Mar
    Just presented #AERIUS as an award nominee ICT-solution at the EU Share and Reuse Conference #SRCONF17 Winners are…