International scientific review 2015

In June 2015, an international review took place on the scientific underpinning of calculation of ammonia emission and deposition in The Netherlands. The key question was whether the nitrogen deposition calculation on a regional level is a good scientific approach for the real deposition over the past decades. With regard to AERIUS the Panel was asked the following question: Is the regional differentiation / local detail in the AERIUS model of ammonia emission, dispersion and deposition scientifically sound?


Conclusions from the report of the Panel with regard to AERIUS:

‘Dutch dispersion and deposition modelling can be considered as well fitted for assessment of regional spatial patterns. In particular, the Netherlands is to be congratulated for its recent development of the AERIUS tool to support future local decision making.’

‘As far as the Panel can see, based on the information presented, the AERIUS model of ammonia emission, dispersion and deposition is scientifically sound. The model is based on the OPS model which uses the well-established principles of Gaussian dispersion. The model allows local information on factors that affect ammonia emissions to be included. However, insufficient information was provided on the technical basis of the AERIUS model, which should be subjected to ongoing review.’

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