Gateway Review 2015

In November and December 2015, a Gateway Review 4 was conducted to assess whether AERIUS Monitor 2016 was ready to be implemented.

The principle review question concerned the degree to which the approach and related preconditions were sufficient for guaranteeing both implementation and use of Monitor 2016 by 15 December 2016, with the focus on consistency and integrity of (the application of) the AERIUS tool set as a whole. Particular consideration was given to the question of whether the acceptation of and transference to the ‘existing organisation’ was unambiguous, clear and accepted by the stakeholders (including the interaction with the PAS desk).


The Review Team’s conclusions related to the following aspects:

  • the strengthening of the joint ownership of the PAS (including further development of AERIUS)
  • a smooth transference from the project phase to that of management
  • the further development of AERIUS
  • enhancement of the help desk function

Detailed results of the Gateway Review are intended solely for the participants in the research.