Gateway Review 2014

In April 2014, a Gateway Review was conducted about the level of readiness with respect to the implementation of AERIUS.

In preparation of this review, PBLQ HEC studied the quality of the information and the future management of AERIUS. The results from this study are presented below; the results from the Gateway Review itself are intended for the participants in the study.

Conclusions about information quality

PBLQ HEC has concluded that the AERIUS team has taken sufficient measures to guarantee the accuracy, completeness and topicality of the imported and exported data. The reviewers determined that, on the input side, AERIUS ensures adequate management of the data on which calculations are partly being based. On the output side, it ensures that results cannot be manipulated, so that accurate and complete calculations can be presented in permit applications. The reviewers considered the provisions taken by AERIUS for the connection to provincial permit-issuing systems to be in order.

Recommendations about management

Important recommendations concern the determination of ownership of AERIUS and the drafting of agreements on its future management. Since the time of the review, the management group Natura 2000 and PAS has appointed the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs as owner of AERIUS and the RIVM as its manager.

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