AERIUS Connect

On 30 september 2016 a new of the API of AERIUS Connect was released. Please see the release notes (in Dutch) for important information on the differences with the previous version.

AERIUS Connect directly supports the exchange of data between AERIUS and other IT systems, without the involvement of a user interface. IMAER, the AERIUS information model, is a special component of AERIUS Connect, which describes the format of the data that is being exchanged.

AERIUS Connect consists of a protocol (API) to communicate with AERIUS, the IMAER information model and web services.


An Application Programming Interface (API) is a protocol that enables direct and online communication between two applications.  Users can use the API to connect with the calculation centre directly, without the involvement of the user interface of Calculator. This provides important additional options for using AERIUS:

  • Users can calculate large-scale projects and plans that would exceed the limits set in Calculator; for example, for initiatives such as the construction of motorways and business estates. This applies to data files of over 250 emission sources.
  • Users can work with AERIUS input and output files within their own geographic information systems and other software packages. The result can subsequently be entered online into the calculation centre of AERIUS Calculator, using Connect’s API. 


IMAER is the AERIUS information model. It contains a schematic description of the agreed terms and definitions of data used in nitrogen calculations.  The information model has been technically elaborated in GML, the file format used in AERIUS.

Data files containing nitrogen information that are entered via the API of Connect must comply with IMAER. The IMAER documentation (in Dutch) consists of a description of the complete information model as well as factsheets, per sector, on how IMAER should be applied.

The use of IMAER simplifies the exchange of information and ensures the necessary standardisation, transparency and guarantees. IMAER complies with the NEN3610 norm for geo information of the Dutch Government.

Web services

AERIUS Connect offers web services through which various AERIUS data products are available as open data products, such as habitat maps or the available room for development.

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