AERIUS consists of six products, each for a specific user task. Together, they support the development and implementation of the Integrated Approach to Nitrogen (PAS).

  • AERIUS Calculator

    AERIUS Calculator is used for calculating nitrogen emissions from economic activity and their deposition in Natura 2000 areas. Under the PAS, calculation results can be used in permit applications, on the basis of the Nature Conservation Act 1998, or when submitting a notification of activities with certain nitrogen aspects.

  • AERIUS Register

    Competent authorities use AERIUS Register to manage the already issued and the available room for development under the PAS. Register is like the balance sheet of the PAS.

  • AERIUS Monitor

    This product monitors the implementation and the results of the PAS. Monitor provides insight, among other things, into the trend in nitrogen deposition and the available room for development and deposition.

  • AERIUS Scenario

    AERIUS Scenario supports the development of spatial policy and planning, such as land-use plans and structural plans. Planners can use Scenario to assess whether a plan is attuned to the room for development as agreed under the PAS.

  • AERIUS Extra

    AERIUS Extra is a platform containing tools related to the use of AERIUS, which are developed by external parties. This, for example, concerns software for connecting other application to AERIUS.

  • AERIUS Connect

    AERIUS Connect directly supports the exchange of data between AERIUS and other IT systems, without the involvement of a user interface. IMAER, the AERIUS information model, is a special component of AERIUS Connect, which describes the format of the data that is being exchanged.