1. New release AERIUS Calculator beta

    In April, version 6 of AERIUS Calculator beta became available to users. This version contains the technical implementation of the inland and sea shipping functionality which was built during the...

    Thursday 1 May 2014
  2. Much interest in AERIUS in Flanders

    Flanders is also working on an integrated approach to nitrogen, in order to balance ecology and economy. On 25 April, following an invitation by the Flemish Government, the AERIUS team held a...

    Tuesday 29 April 2014
  3. Development sprint 18: Monitor and Register

    In March, AERIUS developers again made many preparations for Monitor 2014, aimed at its launch in June. The functional design has since been completed. In small-scale workshops, the AERIUS working...

    Tuesday 8 April 2014
    Foto: Erik Zachte
  4. AERIUS on the National Government ICT Dashboard

    Starting this April, AERIUS has been included, as a project, on the ICT Dashboard of the Dutch Government. The dashboard provides information on the project management of large and high-risk ICT...

    Monday 7 April 2014
  5. AERIUS Campus under construction

    To ensure that future users will be able to work well with AERIUS, a training programme is...

    Wednesday 5 March 2014
  6. Development sprint 17: PAS support and shipping

    During the sprint of February, the AERIUS development team supported the...

    Monday 3 March 2014
  7. VNO-NCW members working with AERIUS

    On 30 January, over 40 business community representatives attended the AERIUS introduction day for VNO-NCW members. Following a brief presentation...

    Tuesday 4 February 2014
  8. Development sprint 16: AERIUS Monitor and Register

    During the development sprint of January, the AERIUS team layed the foundation for the Register and Monitor products. Register will be used by competent authorities to keep a register of the issued...

    Tuesday 28 January 2014
  9. Pilot Fryslan #3: Calculator calculates the nitrogen impacts resulting from balancing

    he Dutch province of Fryslan, together with a farmer from the West Frisian Islands and AERIUS, have carried...

    Tuesday 28 January 2014