VNO-NCW members working with AERIUS

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

On 30 January, over 40 business community representatives attended the AERIUS introduction day for VNO-NCW members. Following a brief presentation of the PAS and AERIUS, participants were able to try out AERIUS Calculator for themselves. Company data that they had brought along were used for calculating nitrogen impacts. The responses were enthusiastic: ‘very workable instrument’, ‘useful results’, and ‘this would enable us to assess risks at an early stage’.  

Hosting the meeting was Terremark, the data centre at Schiphol where the AERIUS server is located. A fitting location for chairman of the day, Peter Sprenger, to open the meeting with a statement about the way in which big data are becoming increasingly leading for the conduct of companies and consumers. After the introduction and the participants’ work sessions, he inventoried the experiences of those attending. The AERIUS development team will incorporate the ideas and questions that were raised into the coming development sprints of the Calculator. Responses will also be used in the development of the AERIUS training that will be on offer later this year.