Update Natura 2000 habitats map

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

One of the most important updates in AERIUS Monitor 2014.2 concerns the Natura 2000 habitats map. New habitat information was included for around 50 areas. Good mutual agreements, clear protocols and extensive computerisation enabled very fast processing by the AERIUS team of the data supplied by the area front runners.

The update of the habitats map consists, among other things, of an update of the boundaries of the Natura 2000 areas, new vegetation mapping and improved classification of habitats. In the coming period, the area front runners and the AERIUS team will continue to work on the habitats map

Fast data processing due to clear protocols
For the first versions of the habitats map, it took over half a day to check (‘validate’) a supplied map, whereas now this can be done in fifteen minutes. This therefore saves a serious amount of time, partly brought about by the agreements on data supply between the front runners and the AERIUS team. The agreements were documented in so-called data-supply protocols. These documents describe the supply process, format and content of the data, as well as the data requirements.

In total, the AERIUS team was supplied with around 670 of such data deliveries, over the past two years, which were all validated according to data-supply protocols. The AERIUS data managers consistently provided the maps’ suppliers with feedback on validation findings, so that any rectifications could be implemented at the source.

Due to a bug in the National Geo Register, the update of the habitats map unfortunately is not yet available from there. We will make an announcement as soon as this has been repaired.