The province of Drenthe carries out calculations for 250 permits using AERIUS

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Photo: Dwingelderveld - Kees van Berkel

In early October, the Dutch province of Drenthe used AERIUS to carry out calculations for 43 permits under the Nature Conservation Act. Following this pilot, recently, the nitrogen effects of another 250 permits were analysed using AERIUS.

Staff at Tauw (consultants and engineers company) used AERIUS to carry out these calculations for the province. ‘The analysis using AERIUS was quick and easy. We entered the source characteristics of all companies in one GML file, which subsequently could be used to do the AERIUS calculations in one go. AERIUS autonomously determines the emissions on the basis of the Rav (Dutch Ammonia and Livestock Farming Regulation) emission factors for animal categories and types of animal housing. Before, such calculations would have taken a lot of manpower. The fact that now we could calculate everything in one batch also saved us the difficult and time consuming task of having to add up all the separate results. AERIUS completes the whole task in only a few minutes.’