Sprints AERIUS, this summer

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The development sprints of this summer have meant that AERIUS has taken a significant step forward. The Calculator has been extended, among other things by including shipping.  Furthermore, the development team has started the work for two new products: AERIUS Register and AERIUS Monitor.

AERIUS Monitor allows policy staff to keep track of both the room for development and development needs per region and province, as well as for the Netherlands as a whole, and shows the possible gap between those two. Such information is vital to determine the need for future adjustments to the PAS. The first part of the Register has been designed: the so-called dashboard. The Register enables permit-issuing officials to process applications and register the allocated room for development.

In addition, the sprints have also included the fine-tuning of a number of larger and smaller segments of the Calculator. This will allow users to also register a mobile source. For example, movements of large machinery, such as earth movers, on industrial sites, and at contracting companies, may be registered under the sector ‘Traffic and transport’. Here, vehicle category and fuel use are determining factors. Another fine-tuning of the Calculator involves the inclusion of shipping, which enables the calculation of the deposition along the shipping routes and the amount of time ships spend on the quays.

Photo: Frans de Wit