RIVM publishes datasets for AERIUS Monitor 2016 draft 2

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

RIVM has made datasets for AERIUS Monitor 2016 draft 2 available. This data is provided as a Web Feature Service. This is the first time that AERIUS data has been made available this way.

The data files that are now available are the basis of the partial revision of the Integrated Approach to Nitrogen and AERIUS Monitor 2016. Details of this revision were made publicly accessible from 7 November. The available data allows users of AERIUS not only to see results of the calculation and read in the fact sheets how the calculations were done, but also to see what data was used for the calculations.

At the moment, this only applies to the following AERIUS Monitor Draft 2 datasets.

  • AERIUS reserved development space per hexagon per segment.
  • AERIUS hexagonal grid including, whether or not they are relevant for the PAN
  • AERIUS hexagonal grid linking table and relevant habitats.
  • Habitats that are relevant for AERIUS
  • AERIUS refined deposition map.  

In addition to the web services listed above, the reserved, allocated and available development spaces for AERIUS are also being made available in the definitive Monitor 2016 release. The corresponding metadata will also be published via the Nationaal Georegister.
In the future, more of the datasets used by RIVM will be made available this way.