Permit issuing officials participating in the design of AERIUS Register

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Design of AERIUS Register, the ‘balance sheet’ of the remaining room for development, has begun. This month, the AERIUS team, together with permit issuing authority officials, is outlining the design for AERIUS Register. The software development team will present the first results during the working group meeting of 2 July.

During their first session, the team designed the permit issuing process, including the role of AERIUS Register. Permit issuing authority officials were divided into two groups to identify the order of steps to be followed in the permit issuing process from the moment of application (using a PDF generated by AERIUS Calculator) up to the allocated room for development. An important issue in this process was to assess whether these steps should be made within or outside AERIUS Register.

The AERIUS team designed a set up for the various screens of AERIUS Register in a second working group session, based on input and process descriptions. Participants carefully scrutinised each screen to see whether the formulated process had been executed correctly and would function well, in actual practice. Much attention was paid to terminology and to distinguishing roles and authorisations, as well as to using AERIUS Register alongside the Calculator. The AERIUS team will incorporate suggestions and comments in time for the presentation of the designs of the various screens during the working group meeting of 2 July.