New beta release Calculator

Monday, 9 December 2013

Since the beginning of December, users of the AERIUS Calculator have been able to work with a new version: the beta release 5. This version of the Calculator contains the results from the development sprint of last October. An important functionality concerns the calculations of the nitrogen impact from sea shipping. In addition, the adjusted workflow makes the Calculator more user-friendly.

Release 5 also has other new functionalities, such as the option of studying detailed habitat information. Users may filter out certain depositions and select map layers, both on a habitat level.  For sea shipping, a shipping route may be drawn, coupled to a mooring place in port. The functionalities for inland shipping are still under development and will be added to the Calculator in early 2014.

Furthermore, user-friendliness has been optimised in release 5 through a new workflow set up, a sonar that appears when the source is indicated, and the BAG Geocoding Service which enables searches according to street name and house number. Users may also alter the drawn source data and study their own calculation points in the permit attachment.

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