Natura 2000 habitats map freely available

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The Natura 2000 habitats map is available to the general public via the Dutch National Georegister from early December onwards. Data have been provided by the Association of Provincial Authorities (IPO) and collected and processed by AERIUS. The public availability of the map, from an AERIUS perspective, is also one of the first tangible results from AERIUS Connect.

The Dutch provinces have asked AERIUS, through their Central Data and Services environment, to make the habitats map available via a web service. This will enable the provinces to comply with the EU INSPIRE Directive. This directive addresses spatial data infrastructure with the aim to guarantee a uniform data supply. The habitats map constitutes one of the mandatory data sets under the topic of ‘habitats and biotopes’.

Rural habitat mapping
For the Integrated Approach to Nitrogen (PAS), AERIUS has processed over one hundred habitat maps from as many as fourteen data suppliers (e.g. the provinces, the Dutch Ministry of Defence, the Government Service for Land and Water Management (DLG), and Rijkswaterstaat (the government service for roads and waterways). AERIUS collects these data because of the great importance to the PAS of having a current habitats map that is technically in order. The habitats map is one of the main standard maps in AERIUS.

First results from AERIUS Connect
Making the habitats map publically available is one of the first tangible results from AERIUS Connect – the product that facilitates data exchange between AERIUS and other organisations, both public and commercial, using data and calculation services. All agreements on these data exchanges will be documented in data supply protocols, to ensure a stable exchange of data that is technically and procedurally guaranteed.  

At some time in the near future, Connect will provide more maps, such as one on nitrogen deposition, in addition to the habitats map. Furthermore, a calculation service will become available to enable calculations being made outside the user interface of AERIUS Calculator.

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