Impression of the 2nd AERIUS users day – Room for tought

Tuesday, 23 May 2017
Foto genomen op AERIUS gebruikersdag

Over 100 AERIUS users actively participated in the varied and interactive program of the User Day. The program, held on May 11, offered short term sessions (20 minutes) to discuss different topics. From 'AERIUS for starting users' to the modeling of shipping or the developments surrounding AERIUS Monitor. The sessions were too short, according to some, but fortunately, many visitors effortlessly continued their conversations on the AERIUS terrace. The PAS Bureau and AERIUS team were available to answer questions, or discuss specific issues raised in the sessions.

As kick off Else Sneller hosted a talk show with several guests. The new released features since the previous User Day were demonstrated along with a new animation film about the decision making proces of new built functionalities in AERIUS. Maarten Kool, as PAS Program Manager, presented his vision of AERIUS and the future developments. The ambition is quite high, as it turned out in the conversation.

In conversation with users
Questions from users formed a central part of the program this afternoon.  The questions were divers,  ranging from first time user issues to questions about technically advanced issues.  A lot of questions could be answered in the various sessions.  The rest during the programme on the AERIUS terrace, which led to beautiful conversations and new contacts.

Interaction with users is important for AERIUS. Not just to answer their questions, but also to hear their  ideas about the direction in which AERIUS has to develop further. Three participants pitched  spontaneously their idea about further developments. The other participants could vote with their feet. AERIUS as an integral system, not just for nitrogen, but also for other aspects of environmental quality such as air and noise, was the idea most voted for.

In November 2017, the next AERIUS User Day will be organized.