Fertiliser manufacturer Yara and the AERIUS team study nitrogen effects of new factory

Friday, 29 August 2014

The Dutch branch of fertiliser manufacturer Yara used AERIUS Calculator to calculate a planned new factory’s nitrogen impact on Natura 2000 areas in the Netherlands.  The results were discussed during a working visit by the AERIUS team and the Province of Zeeland. Adviser Roel Henderickx of SPAingenieurs, who conducted the calculations for Yara, is very enthusiastic about the Calculator: ‘This is ICT at its best.’

Yara manufactures fertilisers at many locations around the world. The new fertiliser production unit, costing 170 million euros, represents considerable benefit for the environment. Construction, however, will mean additional nitrogen emissions, and for its permit Yara may need room for development under the PAS.

During the working visit, AERIUS Monitor 2014 was also used to study how Yara’s deposition would relate to the background deposition of nitrogen, both today and in the future. The consequences for nitrogen deposition developments were explored with respect to including the new factory in the PAS list of priority projects in Zeeland. It is now up to politics to consider the facts and make a decision.

State of the art instrument
Adviser Henderickx looks back at his calculation effort with satisfaction: ‘We often use these types of calculation instruments, but AERIUS is distinctively better because of its excellent interface. It works intuitively; always providing you with insight into what you’re doing, showing you your entries on the map straight away. This reduces the chance of mistakes, enormously. Data that are the same for everyone, such as emission factors, are built-in. Therefore, these need no further discussion. The calculation results are very clear; AERIUS doesn’t merely say that, in a certain area, x mol will be deposited, but for example compares this against critical load values.’