Development sprint 21–23: Calculator prepared for production phase

Thursday, 2 October 2014

This summer, the development support for the Integrated Approach to Nitrogen (PAS), particularly by AERIUS Monitor 2014, required most of the AERIUS team’s attention. The remaining time was used to prepare the Calculator for nationwide application, following the implementation of the PAS. The organic result of nearly two years of development was reorganised and stabilised for optimal user-friendliness.

In addition, the developers also took the first steps towards expanding the Calculator to include more environmental themes.  With the use of a built-in ‘theme selector’ users can switch between the themes of nature and air quality. Data on nitrogen sources and emissions, naturally, only need to be entered once. Further expansions are envisaged for the future; for example, to include the themes of noise and smell. This would enable the use of the same basic data and models, where relevant and needed, for policy development and the issuing of permits related to different environmental themes.

Help function always up to date
AERIUS contains a context-sensitive help function; users receive precisely the type of help they need at a particular point in their calculations. For this purpose, the instrument and the guidance have been closely linked. Developers have now automated the generation of that link, to enable a fast update of the help function at the release of each new version of Calculator. 

With respect to AERIUS Register, developers are waiting particularly for the required policy choices to be made regarding the PAS. Meanwhile, over the last months, user workshops were organised to discover the functional needs of Register’s users.

Would you like to take a closer look at AERIUS Calculator? Click here to apply for a login code to access the beta version.


Photo: Hardscarf