Development sprint 20: AERIUS Monitor and Calculator

Thursday, 19 June 2014

In the current sprint, AERIUS developers are focused on a timely and conscientious completion of Monitor. Monitor 2014 results became available this week; the full Monitor application, including the user interface, will be completed on 30 June. This means that data can then be studied interactively. The developers also have built a functionality into Monitor for the input and presentation of spatial information on ecological restoration measures.

AERIUS already contained information on restoration measures for all habitat types in each of the Natura 2000 areas. Having the maps available as well provides a complete overview. This information will be part of the area summaries that are generated by Monitor for all nitrogen-sensitive Natura 2000 areas. These area summaries will be included in the Integrated Approach to Nitrogen (PAS) programme.

SRM2 calculation centre for road traffic
The Standard Calculation Method 2 (SRM2) is the National Air Quality Plan’s dispersion model on nitrogen emissions from road traffic. SRM2 was built into the AERIUS Calculator last month, which in principle means that the first calculations can now be made. This makes SRM2 the second calculation centre of AERIUS, next to the OPS dispersion model for all other emission sources. There will be a new release of the Calculator later this year, whereby all road traffic calculations will be carried out by SRM2, automatically.

Finally, over the past month the AERIUS team contributed to the work sessions of the PAS team on completion of the PAS programme. The teams, thus, ensured an optimal relationship between policy choices and the way in which these are incorporated into AERIUS.