Development sprint 17: PAS support and shipping

Monday, 3 March 2014

During the sprint of February, the AERIUS development team supported the finalisation process of the development of the Integrated Approach to Nitrogen (PAS). Appendices to the PAS programme were produced for each of the around 130 nitrogen-sensitive Natura 2000 areas. These appendices contain information on the proposed ecological restoration measures, the projected development of nitrogen deposition, as well as the available room for development at the start of the PAS. New versions of the area summaries will be produced following completion of AERIUS Monitor 2014.

Once the PAS has come into force, the appendices and area summaries will be updated, annually, using AERIUS Monitor. This will enable all parties involved to monitor the implementation and results of the PAS on an area level.

Expansion of the functionalities for shipping
In this month, developers also worked on the shipping functionality in the Calculator. Emissions from sea shipping are now also shown in the user interface. Users are now able to enter multiple sea shipping routes per ship type. Mooring places for inland shipping can be indicated and, thus, the emissions while in port are also included. Data on the types of waterways, sluices and currents were prepared to be entered into the Calculator. The developers also worked on the definitions of inland shipping categories in relation to emission factors.

Working on Register
Finally, a great deal of time was invested in working out the policy choices that were made for AERIUS Register into detailed technical implementations. This forms the basis for the development team to continue with the development of Register in March.

In April, the results from the last sprint will become available to users via the new release of AERIUS Calculator beta.