Development sprint 15: shipping, search function and workflow

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Over the past month, AERIUS developers have mainly been working on the Calculator. New elements are the shipping functionality and the possibility of searching according to street name and house number. The workflow was revised to place the new functionalities in a logical location and to guarantee user-friendliness. AERIUS 1.6 was produced as a concept version for AERIUS Monitor.

Results from the October Sprint will be made available in AERIUS Calculator beta, release no. 5. Via the link below you can register to become a user of the Calculator’s beta releases.

The new functionality for shipping allows users to draw shipping routes at sea, coupled to a mooring place in port. These routes then consist of two parts: an offshore part and one in ports, each with its own emission level. The user may also define shipping routes and mooring places for inland shipping. This functionality requires emission factors and, currently, Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) is updating these data at the request of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. As soon as this is ready, AERIUS will add the emission factors to the Calculator’s beta release no. 5.

Searching according to street name and house number
In the Calculator, users may search for locations using postal code or place name. In practice, there was also the wish to search according to street name and house number. To accommodate this wish, the search function was expanded to include the BAG Geocoding Service, a service of the Dutch National SDI. Drawback of this expansion is that searches take a little more time.

Logical workflow increases user-friendliness
Collaborations with the Port of Rotterdam Authority and DCMR (Dutch joint environmental protection agency of the province of South Holland and 16 municipalities), as well as the pilot project together with the Province of Fryslân, have led to various new possibilities within the Calculator. In order to put the new functionalities in a logical place, the Calculator’s workflow was redesigned and adjusted.

Draft version of AERIUS Monitor
AERIUS 1.6 is the (non-public) version of AERIUS that can be used for determining the total deposition and room for development within the PAS. This makes AERIUS 1.6 the logical point of departure for AERIUS Monitor, to monitor within the PAS (among other things) the change in total deposition and room for development. In this sprint, AERIUS 1.6 was delivered as a draft version and point of departure for the development of AERIUS Monitor.