Development sprint 14: AERIUS Register

Thursday, 3 October 2013
In July of this year, permit-issuing officials together with the AERIUS team set up AERIUS Register. Over the past month, developers have set up the way the room for development and the permit regulation is presented. In addition, an authorisation option was developed.
The main part of AERIUS Register involves the registration of the claimed and allocated room for development. Over the summer, work has been done to set up this segment, together with the users. A demonstration model provides an impression of how the Register works. Over the past month, the basis for a working system was constructed, including the option to check against provincial permit regulations.
For further development, clarity is needed about the requirements for both these parts. A meeting with permit-issuing officials and provincial policy staff is planned for 8 October, to further discuss this issue.
Meetings with permit-issuing officials held in the past have shown that there is a need for an option, within AERIUS Register, to allocate certain rights and roles to individual users. For example, not every user should have the option to register changes in the room for development. This would require an authorisation product, the development of which was started last September.