AERIUS wins Computable Award

Thursday, 3 November 2016
Uitreiking Computable Award

AERIUS won the 2016 Computable Award in the category of ‘best governmental IT project’. Mark Wilmot received the prize on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs at a festive evening in the Beatrix Theatre. RIVM, which is responsible for the management and continuing development of AERIUS, sees this prize as confirmation of the approach chosen for new applications such as the Environmental and Planning Act.

Thank you

AERIUS would like to thank the agricultural magazine De Boerderij and consulting firm Kuiper&Burger for nominating it for the Computable Award. It would not have been possible to win this award without the support of our users. The same applies to everyone who voted for AERIUS.
The Ministry of Economic Affairs would also like to thank the AERIUS team, who have worked hard on building AERIUS over the past few years. This team was crucially important in the creation of the Integrated Approach to Nitrogen (PAS). AERIUS was well received because of the good relationship between the team and the users.


This prize confirms our chosen approach for developing IT within the governmental authorities and encourages us to continue. Interactive, keeping making what the user needs. Learning, continuously improving and transparent. The underlying principles are open source solutions and use of open data.

Continuing development

AERIUS performs the calculations necessary for implementing the Programme for Action on Nitrogen (PAN). It was developed on instructions from the Ministry of Economic Affairs in collaboration with the PAN partners: the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, the Ministry of Defence and the twelve provinces. RIVM, which is responsible for the management and further development of AERIUS, is therefore continuing on the same path. Together with the business community, the consultancy sector and the authorities, RIVM is working on managing AERIUS for the Integrated Approach to Nitrogen and on the continuing development of AERIUS for inter alia the Environmental and Planning Act.