AERIUS one of the last 4 contenders for European ICT Prize

Wednesday, 1 March 2017
Logo Sharing and Reuse

AERIUS is one of the last four contenders in the "Sharing and Reuse Award”. With the award, the European Commission aims to encourage the reuse of successful IT solutions in the public sector. The prize will be awarded in Lisbon on 29 March.

About the Sharing and Reuse Award

Many IT solutions could be reused in other countries, says the European Commission. This prevents the wheel from being reinvented. It also saves time and money for users and governments. At the same time the cooperation in joint solutions makes it easier to share knowledge between public authorities.
By developing common standards and reusing each other's IT solutions, government agencies can better share information and better understand the exchanged data. Finally the reuse of IT solutions prevent the so-called "vendor lock-in", as more companies can offer IT solutions to government agencies. AERIUS is nominated in the category of services at national level.


AERIUS has been commissioned by the national government and the twelve provinces. Together they are collaborating within the policy framework the 'Integrated Approach to Nitrogen' to reach the Natura 2000 goals set by the EU Habitat and Bird directive.  AERIUS is an IT tool which connects the policy making with the implementation on the nitrogen deposition as part of the Nature Conservation Law.

AERIUS provides politics, competent authorities and law enforcers with insight and the same information so decisions can be taken quicker, more efficient and with higher quality. The ICT tool AERIUS is entirely based on open source software and uses the international open standards to communicate with other IT services. That is also the reason why AERIUS is now one of the final four contenders. We will pitch these AERIUS strengths, once again, for all attendees in Lisbon.

The solutions submitted are reviewed by the Evaluation Committee comprised of representatives of the EU institutions. The official public announcement and the award ceremony will take place on the Sharing and Reuse Conference, March 29, 2017 in Lisbon.


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