AERIUS nominated for European Commissions’ Sharing & Reuse Award

Friday, 16 December 2016

The European Commission has nominated AERIUS for the Sharing and Reuse Award. To promote the visibility of succesfull existing software solutions and to encourage their reuse, the European Commission has decided to single out the most used and successful ones in the public sector through the new ‘Sharing and Reuse Awards’. As an open source and open data project AERIUS is a good example of such an IT solution. The European Commission will announce the winners of the Sharing and Reuse Award in March 2017.  

The Sharing and Reuse Award
In public administrations across Europe, countless IT solutions and services are in place that could often easily be reused by other public administrations. Reuse of successful existing software would stop continuous reinvention of the wheel and could help to save time and costs for users and administrations alike and increase interoperability between systems.  AERIUS developed for the Integrated Approach to Nitrogen (PAS) is now being further developed by RIVM for reuse (inter)nationally for e.g. the Environmental and Planning act. This shows the potential of AERIUS for sharing and reuse.

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