1. Impression of the 2nd AERIUS users day – Room for tought

    Over 100 AERIUS users actively participated in the varied and interactive program of the User Day. The program, held on May 11, offered short term sessions (20 minutes) to discuss different topics....

    Tuesday 23 May 2017
    Foto genomen op AERIUS gebruikersdag
  2. AERIUS receives Sharing & Reuse Certificate of Excellence

    AERIUS received  the 'Sharing and Reuse Certificate of Excellence' in Lisbon on 29 March.  AERIUS was one of the last four contenders (out of 69) in the Sharing and Reuse contest of the European...

    Wednesday 29 March 2017
    foto van uitreiking certificate of excellence
  3. AERIUS one of the last 4 contenders for European ICT Prize

    AERIUS is one of the last four contenders in the "Sharing and Reuse Award”. With the award, the European Commission aims to encourage the reuse of successful IT solutions in the public sector. The...

    Wednesday 1 March 2017
    Logo Sharing and Reuse
  4. Journal of Nature Conservation publishes scientific article on Dutch approach to Nitrogen.

    The Journal of Nature Conservation recently published the article: The Integrated Approach to Nitrogen in the Netherlands: A preliminary review from a societal, scientific, juridical and practical...

    Tuesday 14 February 2017
    Foto van veld met koeien
  5. AERIUS nominated for European Commissions’ Sharing & Reuse Award

    The European Commission has nominated AERIUS for the Sharing and Reuse Award. To promote the visibility of succesfull existing software solutions and to encourage their reuse, the European...

    Friday 16 December 2016
    Logo AERIUS
  6. RIVM publishes datasets for AERIUS Monitor 2016 draft 2

    RIVM has made datasets for AERIUS Monitor 2016 draft 2 available. This data is provided as a Web Feature Service. This is the first time that AERIUS data has been made available this way....

    Wednesday 16 November 2016
  7. Users have their say – a successful AERIUS users’ day

    The AERIUS team listens to users. This message from Mark Blomsma, (Province of Utrecht) set the tone for the first AERIUS users’ day on 3 November. Seventy AERIUS users came to Woerden Castle for...

    Thursday 10 November 2016
    Foto van de AERIUS Gebruikersdag
  8. AERIUS wins Computable Award

    AERIUS won the 2016 Computable Award in the category of ‘best governmental IT project’. Mark Wilmot received the prize on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs at a festive evening in the...

    Thursday 3 November 2016
    Uitreiking Computable Award
  9. Script modifications needed for using the new version of AERIUS Connect

    The new version of AERIUS Connect will be released on 1 October. Users will have to modify existing scripts for the Connect API to continue using AERIUS Connect. This was discussed in detail during...

    Wednesday 28 September 2016
    Logo AERIUS
  10. New brochure: Calculating the room for deposition under the Dutch Integrated Approach to Nitrogen, using AERIUS

    The AERIUS team has published an English brochure about the use of AERIUS in calculating the room for deposition under the Dutch Integrated Approach to Nitrogen (PAS). The initial reason for this...

    Wednesday 24 February 2016
    Picture of a part of the brochure