Room for deposition and room for development

The Integrated Approach to Nitrogen (PAS) distinguishes two ways of ensuring that Natura 2000 targets are achieved:

  • A continual decline in nitrogen deposition by implementing measures at the source
  • The employment of restoration strategies for nitrogen-sensitive nature. Restoration strategies are packages of ecological restoration measures aimed to improve nature quality.

The PAS also determines whether part of the decline in nitrogen deposition may be used for new or expanded economic activity. This is referred to as room for development. Thus, as nitrogen deposition levels continue to decrease, this leaves room for necessary economic development and also for investments in cleaner production technologies. In this way, a more balanced approach is created, with continued room for development under the precondition that existing nature targets will still be achieved.

How much room for development is available?

For each Natura 2000 area, a so-called area analysis indicates whether or not there is any room for development and, if so, how much is available.