AERIUS Register

On 15 December 2015 AERIUS Register 2015 was released for production. Please see the release notes (in Dutch) for important information about the differences between the current version and the previous (beta) version, and for information on the use of the instrument as well as on known software bugs. 

The system is closely monitored. Imperfections that could have an immediate impact on the working of the instrument are thus quickly and effectively solved. These are the so-called hot fixes. For an overview see ‘hot fixes’ (in Dutch).   

The competent authorities that issue the permits use AERIUS Register to manage the already issued and the available room for development of the PAS. Register is like the balance sheet of the PAS.

Within the PAS, the national government and provincial authorities have determined the amount of room for development available for expansions or new economic activities. In their permit application, initiators may apply for this room for development. The competent authorities use AERIUS Register to keep a record of both the already issued and the remaining amount of room for development. The reported activities that are expected to stay below the limit value are also registered.


Once they have approved a permit application, the competent authorities place the application in the Register ‘queue’. This queue ensures that the ‘first come, first served’ principle for issuing room for development is adhered to, while providing all competent authorities with sufficient opportunity to process all of the submitted permit applications. The queue also includes applications for environmental permits that contain a nitrogen aspect that are submitted via ‘Omgevingsloket Online’, the online environment desk.