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On 15 December 2015 AERIUS Monitor 2015 was released. Monitor 2015 is the basis of the partial revision of the Integrated Approach to Nitrogen (PAS) that entered into force on the same date. The background documentation of Monitor is published as factsheets (in Dutch). Please see the release notes (in Dutch) for important information on the use of the instrument.

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AERIUS Monitor keeps track of the PAS implementation and its results. It provides insight, among other things, into the trend in nitrogen deposition and the available room for development and deposition.

All parties involved are interested in whether the PAS has the desired effect, such as in providing room for economic development, more resilient nature and less nitrogen. AERIUS Monitor shows the implementation of the PAS and its results. Per PAS area, this concerns:

  • nitrogen emissions and deposition, both for the current and the projected future situation
  • the origins of the nitrogen deposition within a certain area, distributed over the various sectors, such as agriculture, industry and road transport
  • the already issued and the remaining room for development

The government authorities involved may decide, with the help of AERIUS Monitor, whether the policy that has been implemented with the PAS is effective. Other or additional measures may be necessary to increase the quality of the Natura 2000 areas and to enable new commercial activities. Monitor is updated at least once a year.

Data and methods

The nitrogen information in Monitor is based on annual maps, generated by the RIVM, of large-scale nitrogen concentrations and deposition (GCN/GDN maps; in Dutch). These maps contain the current as well as the projected future situation. Important foundations for Monitor are the map of geographical boundaries of the Natura 2000 areas and the map of habitat types.

For a complete overview of data and methods, see the AERIUS Monitor factsheets (in Dutch).


Reviews are being conducted as part of the quality assurance for the AERIUS Monitor. The following review studies have been or are currently being conducted:


The development of AERIUS Monitor is still continuing. This development process is guided by the Monitor user group.

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