Masterclass AERIUS Connect

In September and October 2015, the AERIUS team organised the Masterclass AERIUS Connect, together with the PAS desk (2 half days). Participants consisted of around 20 technical users of AERIUS from consultancies and government authorities. The Masterclass offered them the possibility for joint and more in-depth examination of Connect, further to the introduction provided in the training sessions of PAS Campus. One of the main elements was for participants to write scripts themselves for generating GML and managing [AR1] the API of Connect. There now is free access to the knowledge and tools that were developed (see bottom of the page)  

Learning goals

The participants in the Masterclass had the following learning goals:

  • obtain insight into the position of AERIUS Connect within the AERIUS spectrum
  • obtain insight into the possibilities offered by Connect
  • increase the knowledge about IMAER, the AERIUS information model
  • generate knowledge and tools, together with the other participants, to manage AERIUS via Connect
  • become acquainted with Connect 2015

Interested in attending a Masterclass Connect yourself? 

If there is sufficient interest, we would like to repeat the Masterclass in the future. Would you be interested? Please let us know via the PAS & AERIUS Helpdesk.

More information and downloads

will become available at the release of Connect 2015, on 15 December 2015 at the latest.