IMAERwriter and IMAERreader

The first tools under AERIUS Extra are IMAERwriter and IMAERreader. Both have become freely available in August 2015.

IMAERwriter and IMAERreader


QGIS plugins for converting to and from GML, the AERIUS file format. Using IMAERwriter, files containing emission sources can be converted by QGIS to GML format. IMAERreader can be used for converting AERIUS’ GML files to several file formats supported by QGIS, such as shape files.

Fields of application

Demonstrator solution with basic functionality. Can be use for generic emission sources, not yet sector-specific.


plugin repository QGIS (key words IMAERwriter and IMAERreader)
The tool also can be downloaded via the QGIS plugin manager.


Both software and source code are available free of charge, under GPLv2 licence. The tool contains a generic part for GML conversion, which may be used for further modifications, such as for specific emission sources or other GIS packages and applications.