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  1. Impression of the 2nd AERIUS users day – Room for tought

    Tuesday 23 May 2017

    Over 100 AERIUS users actively participated in the varied and interactive program of the User Day. The program, held on May 11, offered...

    Foto genomen op AERIUS gebruikersdag
  2. AERIUS receives Sharing & Reuse Certificate of Excellence

    Wednesday 29 March 2017

    AERIUS received  the 'Sharing and Reuse Certificate of Excellence' in Lisbon on 29 March.  AERIUS was one of the last four contenders ...

    foto van uitreiking certificate of excellence
  3. AERIUS one of the last 4 contenders for European ICT Prize

    Wednesday 1 March 2017

    AERIUS is one of the last four contenders in the "Sharing and Reuse Award”. With the award, the European Commission aims to encourage the...

    Logo Sharing and Reuse


  1. AERIUS@AERIUSapp14 Apr
    @PatrickvanMane1 Hoi Patrick, er is geen probleem bekend. Mocht je tegen issues aanlopen, dan kun je ook even conta… https://t.co/bJofB4UiJm
  2. AERIUS@AERIUSapp12 Apr
    Op 21 april organiseren we een AERIUS gebruikersdag. Er is een gevarieerd en interactief programma. Meld je snel aa… https://t.co/D8AcIsaJT7
  3. AERIUS@AERIUSapp30 Mar
    AERIUS Calculator 2021.0.5 is beschikbaar. In deze versie zijn technische verbeteringen doorgevoerd en zijn verschi… https://t.co/PhF5vPuzkd
  4. AERIUS@AERIUSapp13 Mar
    @vermbloe De gegevens van individuele vergunningaanvragen zitten niet in AERIUS Calculator. De bevoegde gezagen gaa… https://t.co/OqqApSKs56

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  • Photo of different seeds
    Jan Harinck
    Environmental manager ADM Europoort BV
    AERIUS enables businesses to simply assess plans for themselves and make any nessesary adjustments to submit a permit application
  • Kind met laptop
    Roel Henderickx
    Advisor at SPAingeneurs
    AERIUS is ICT at its best: providing maximum user friendliness